El Shaddai Miracle & Prophetic Conference 2015

What a power packed evening! On the first day of the Prophetic and Miracle conference in Houston, TX Prophet Uebert Angel and Beverly Angel graced the stage at El Shaddai Ministries. Pastor Ramson and Estrella Mumba are hosting the prophets for a full week from January 28th-February 2nd. The prophets are here and  in the words of Prophet Angel, this city is looking for “Hot” people who are preparing their hearts for a whirlwind move of God here in the state of Texas. El Shaddai International Ministries warmly received the prophets for the first night and everyone seemed to be waiting in earnest expectation for the prophet’s reward. God is good Saints, isn’t he?

The first night of the conference was a prophetic explosion. Family differences were settled supernaturally and the anointing and calling of many was revealed. Much exhortation was shared during the service to uplift the hearts and transform the minds of those sitting in the crowd. Everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting in anticipation for what God was about to say. And boy did he have something to say. Lives were changed and the prophets declared, for those ready to receive, their lives would never be the same. A “New Beginning” is the theme for this week’s conference and all who come thirsty will certainly be filled.

Natives of the El Shaddai congregation were busily getting ready for the night as they prepared the sanctuary physically and spiritually for the people and the Prophet’s arrival. Such a warm spirit is present in this church Saints, as everyone seemed to reflect the signature of true Southern Hospitality. We felt so welcome by the love stirring in the members of this congregation. This is Texas Saints! And everything is big in Texas including the hearts and the display of love in the members of El-Shaddai. What a pleasure it was to visit with the staff and members of El Shaddai. All seemed to be fully convinced and aware of the amazing move of God that was set before them. Apparently, they are used to the prophetic as Pastor Ramson is the anointed senior pastor and man of God at El Shaddai. He and his wife opened the Houston Campus four years ago.The fruit of their labor and commitment to the spiritual growth of Houston was apparent tonight. They also have eight other campuses around the globe.

Jewel, an usher at El-Shaddai, filled us in on how her walk with the Lord was impacted by making the transition to El- Shadda ministries three years ago. In her own words, “I loved my church before El-Shaddai, it was foundational. But when I got here I was glad I was obedient to God and moved when I did.” When asked why she liked El-Shaddai she said, “What I pray at home he teaches and what I read in scripture he preaches.” How awesome it is to be a part of a prophetic church where the pastor is led by the Lord. Amen Saints!

 Edith, a call center agent, at El Shaddai had wonderful remarks about the church as well. In the big city choosing a church that is right for you is no easy task. After a prayerful search Edith touched down at El Shaddai three years ago. The children’s ministry has been a huge blessing to her and her family. “I know I used to fall asleep in church when I was younger.  But when my children come home from El Shaddai youth ministry they fight over who is telling the story right.” Edith remarks that when she checks her children’s text messages they are sharing the gospel with their friends”.  Now that is change and an on fire youth ministry for Christ, saints!

 With these two ministers partnering together it is guaranteed there will be GLORY in the latter house. The blessings descending from heaven this week will not be contained just in the state of Texas. The seeds planted today and for the rest of this week will continue to grow, transform, and impact the kingdom of heaven for Christ globally and internationally. Praise the Lord!


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